Shake’s Culture

Shake’s is a one of a kind experience driven by a variety of sights and sounds— all leading to the presentation of the ‘World’s best frozen desert!’ Shake’s is more than a simple restaurant. Shake’s is a destination at which friends, families, and communities gather. Every aspect of Shake’s is designed to create a wholesome, generational, exciting experience.

We take great pride in having created a friendly, family oriented brand. We realize that business success if fueled by individual customer experiences. We believe that our products
and services in combination with the overall experience contain the unique ability to transport our customers back to those moments in life which contain pure joy. Shake’s offers the highest quality, premium ice cream today with the fast, friendly ‘service with a smile’ of days gone by.


Providing customers and communities with an exciting and unique experience through the delivery of super-premium products and uncompromising customer service.


Customer Experience

Shake’s customers are our “reason”. It is our responsibility to provide the fastest, most
friendly service possible in an environment that creates pure enjoyment.

Brand Stewardship

Shake’s Team Members are ambassadors for the brand and should embody friendliness,
courteousness, respect, and adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and
ethical conduct.

Standard of Excellence

Shake’s products, services, and the performance of all of our Managers, Team Members,
operators, and officers must strive to meet the highest level of excellence.