Have Your Cake and Eat Shake’s Too


Shake’s Bopper Cake Moist chocolate cake topped with layers of premium chocolate fudge, gooey caramel, and a layer of vanilla frozen custard. Then it is covered with fluffy white icing and crowned with our special salted roasted pecans, cherries, and even more fudge and caramel.

This one takes the cake. A thick layer of creamy chocolate custard between two layers of decadent chocolate cake, covered with whipped chocolate icing and topped with milk chocolate shavings.

One bite of this cake and you’ll forget about being another year older. Creamy vanilla custard is sandwiched between two layers of moist vanilla cake and then covered in a thick layer of whipped white icing. Then its covered with a heaping portion of rainbow sprinkles. Too bad birthday’s come only once a year.